Monday, November 2, 2009

Grand Welesley Restaurant

Location : N 05, 23,102 E 100,23,567

When one is a island boy, searching for respectable eats and island price especially for hawker food is difficult, some how or other by crossing the channel either the price increase or the quality drops. One of the few place I manage to find respectable food and ok prices around Seberang Prai, Butterworth, is this Grand Welesley Restaurant, some where behind Pearl View Hotel at Chai Ling Parkm not too far away from the Chai Ling Park wai sik kai (street of food)

Food in general is Ok in this area and in this kopi tiam......... with a few lemons here and there.
Wan Tan Mee, with starch gravy, not my favorite version by edible.
Pork satay, one of the very few places in the entire penang that serve this dish, good ......
Koey Teow Thng, one of the few on the main land that use duck meat ......
Ho Chen, Oyster Omellette, almost as good as the good ho chen on the Island, a must eat at this place ..... serve on a bed of lettuce .....
The evergreen Chicken Rice ...... a bitter lemon .......... not my cup of tea ......

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