Monday, November 23, 2009

Celcom Broadband Installation and First Impression.

The neighbourhood computer man gave me a call at 4 pm this Monday evening as promise informing me that the Modem (Huawei E1550) have arrive, I drop by after work at 6pm, and he was kind enough to install the Broadband for me.

The Modem (Huawei E 1550) come with a short extension cable, a very simple manual in good English.... (see picture)

We connected at the computer shop which have HSPDA speed but as my subscription is only RM68 a month I am basically limited to 3G speed any way. Not much problem there.

I headed home and after my bath, started to play around with it. The software say that I have HSPDA connection at home, even though the celcom map (on line) say I will only get 3G signal. So I will have the option of upgrading to RM 98 package fro faster speed.

I did a speed test – Result see picture

As today at the office we have some problems with streamyx connection, I log on to gmail and started surfing.

First Impression - Well at 3G speed it’s definitely not as fast as wifi or with fix line connection, my surfing style will have to change, and I have to be more patient for the pages to download especially with the pages with photos. Overall it ok.

Secondly down load speed is Ok at around 30 to 50 kbs per sec on my down load, which is almost as good as the wifi / fix line I use.

However I do get dropoff / cut off starting at around 8.30pm at night, and have some problems in downloading some web page at that time, congestion I believe .

Overall on this first day, satisfactory, i feel that it is no worst then fix line in terms of broadband service in Malaysia.

I am now going to post this on my post using celcom broadband.

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