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Celcom Broad Band some usefull information

Am doing some research on Celcom Broadband , the amount of complaints, rants you find on mobile broad band is astonishing, complains of drop line, slow speed is all over the internet especially forums, for all the various ISP's. I do have to note that comments on Celcom services is that it indeed has the widest coverage as well as in general most do agree that celcom provide is better then the rest in general.

From all the comments, I gather that speed and connection have to do with "congestion" ie the number of persons connecting to the same transmission tower at the same time, that is with more ppl try to connect and use broadband service at the same area, drop line, slow speed, time out will crop up at least till they upgrade the tower concern to cope.

P2P usage like down loading torrent is a no no, either it will be very slow, ie speed cap or not allowed (maxis I think), but then with my current download speed of around generally 10kbs to 20 kbs with the occasion speed of sub 50Kbs, who knows it may actually end up to be faster ;-) i hope. There is also a comment that if you keep your brouser active (actuall surffing instead of leaving the computer switch on to download only) you will get faster speed.

Other then that here are some usefull tips and some special fixes..... which may or may not work, and some very mix signals as well

I also found various tips like from this tread .....

To increase modern speed

“For severe connections, I also learned of a way to boost the modem signal. Of course probably most of you guys here already heard or tried such method. This method is physical modification to your modem stick, but unlike the more extreme method (astro dish, wok, etc), it uses the concept of electromagnetic.

Basically, what you need is a string of insulated copper wire (like phone cable) and a 9 volt battery (the square type). Wrap around your usb modem with the copper wire 12 times to look like a coil and then connect both ends to each of the battery's pole.”

“althou the coil is a valid trick but connect directly the wires to the battery confirm direct shorting of your battery... be warned that the battery may broken due to high current flow due to direct shorting”

“Thx for the early warning. Will try and circumvent that problem. Probably would be safer to use a thicker copper wire. Something like a power cable.”

Celcom Humber to call

Number to call to complain 03-36308888

Broadband Number

Ask for it when registration or check on Bill

Open DNS

“Set to Open DNS to get better speed “

“I used OpenDNS before but nowadays it seems to block so many websites ?”

Getting mix signals!

Which Modem?

“E220 can detect signal stronger than E160...E160 need xtra antenna in order to have strong signal detection as E220...”

“i got 2 modem, e220 n e160 , tested on thm, e160 signal is stronger n stable lol”

Getting mix signals here!

And on this tread

“if you experiance problem using Celcom Broadband, this is my tips. always use usb 3g to usb cable using supply usb cable or buy usb cable extention.Put it near window to get the outdoor coverage. Locked your signal to 3G only or UMTS only or WCDMA only. Even your 3g signal is low, as long as you in 3g couverage area you still can received good internet access. even the download speed can’t reach 384 kbps it’s better then 64kbps GPRS service. This is what I learn from my 2 years research and experiance studying 3G Broadband”

further tips

1) Improve the signal

Assuming that your modem and laptop is located inside a building, the transmission of the 3G/HSDPA signals will be affected. You will need to get a long 15m/3m usb cable so that you can put your USB 3G modem near the roof in order to improve the signal that the device receives from telco’s transmitter. I bought one during Pikom PC Fair and the 3m USB cable costed me an affordable RM15 (USD 4.2) with a life-time warranty.

2) Optimize your modem setting

This is the setting that is often left unoptimized. Here’s a quick fix to it.

  1. Right click on My Computer then click on Manage.
  2. Go to Device Manager -> Modem ->
  3. Right click on your 3G USB Modem and choose Properties
  4. Go to Modem tab, adjust maximum Port Speed to the max. Save the new setting by clicking OK.

3) Upgrade your modem firmware

This can be done by referring to the instructions by the modem manufacture. Go to your respective modem manufacture website to find out how to do it.

One of the benefit is you might be able to uplift the download speed limit for your modem, for example 7.2Mbps instead of the conventional 3.6Mbps (Huawei E220). Upgrading the firmware also often improve the overall performance of your device.

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