Sunday, October 25, 2009

A vist to Taiping...... after 20 years

This is Taiping

Taiping, Perak

The Town,

Taiping is call the Heritage Town of Perak, and after spending ½ a day here, I indeed do find it a heritage town, there seems to be more effort here then other places to restore and to maintain the old houses to their former glory. However new buildings have been built and have overshadow the old land marks such as the old clock tower which has a modern building built almost enclosing it.

Heritage Buildings at Taiping
Taiping Church

Clock Tower (now the tourist information office)
London telephone booth at the Old Clock Tower

Another View of the Clock Tower

Taiping town centre is indeed well plan thank to its colonial masters, dual carriage with center divider for main roads and lots of parking indeed. But Taiping is not just some old folks town with old buildings. It’s is an Army Town. The Army camps stretches from Kamunting town (near the highway) right to Taiping Town itself a distance of 7km.

View of Waterfall from town center.

It is also now getting to be a Town of budget hotels, all at very reasonable price, Near the Lake there is Seri Malaysia, Kamalodge, and Flaminton Hotel, 3 very reasonable well built properties...... not to mention the hotels in town or the new SSL Trader Hotel at Kamunting town near the Taiping Express Bus Station.

And of course there is the Famous Taiping Lake Gardens and The Taiping Zoo with its night safari, The Only Zoo in the Northern States and the Oldest Zoo in Malaysia, Perak Museum which is also the oldest in Malaysia and Maxwell Hill (Bukit Larut).

Lake Gardens


I use to stay in Taiping, for two years in a government bungalow, near one of the army camps and attended King Edward Primary when my father was posted there some 40 years ago. Now the government bungalow is completely overgrown by nature and is no more in use. There was this Koey Teow Soup that my mother use to bring me for lunch. Tried to find it but cannot. However my alma mater is still around.

King Edward II Primary SchoolThis was my house.

Malsing Maps Directions

I use my GPS Phone with Malsing Maps to get to Taiping and to wonder around town, I find the data base comprehensive and quite accurate in general.

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