Friday, October 23, 2009

Malaysian Budget 2010

How will it affect me? a middle income worker in the tourism industry? am listening to the Malaysian Budget 2010 announcement via radio.

Our PM have started to announce his 2010 budget .....

  • He say focus is on the Rakyat ...... , targeted High Income, Well being of the Rakyat, Sustain development.
  • Permanent Resident for Highly qualifies and taletend individual and their family ....
  • Government will not compete with private companies ...... will privatize government companies

up date :

  • Tourism to concentrated in - homestay, eco, medical tourism, shopping
  • Broadband - RM500 tax relief? for income tax earners a year ? for broadband. .... that good news for broadband service providers - (update : only for 2 years)

update :

  • Talking on food, halal industry, felda etc
  • Talking on Green Technology now.
  • Creative Industry.

Update :

  • Sustain development important for High Income economy
  • Funds for Schools .... of all types
  • Preschools to be part of National Schools .......
  • 30 on merit scholarship to (oversea university?) , among others
  • net book package with free broadband for RM50 for 2 years ... by telecoms, for 100000 university students ......

update :

  • special car insurance scheme in mid 2010 .... under takaful? ......
update :
  • immunity for whistle blowers to combat corruption.
Update :
  • constructions in Putra Jaya and Cyber Jaya, schools, international schools, sports facilities affordable house etc .....
  • investigating GST tax ....... to replace service tax .......
  • RM50 charge per year per card, and RM25 per year for supplementary card for all credit and charge card
  • Fuel Subsidy will be using mycard - to control fuel subsidy.
  • reducing in 1% for income tax for companies and individuals (year 2010)
  • relief for individual to RM9000 a year
  • Ikandar Malaysia workers special income tax rate idefinetely for those who qualify. inclusive tourism, green etc industry ???????

update :

  • EPF for self employed , government will contribute 5% of the individual payment subject to a max of RM60 ( up to 5 years period)
  • EPF will be reverted to 11% on the 2011 .... from the current 8% .......
that all folks .... no increase in cigg and beer and liqour....

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