Monday, October 19, 2009

B.A.S.E Jump @ Komtar 2009

BASE Jumpers are a rare breed, the dangers, the trill, and more inportently the skills of BASE jumping were demonstrated at Komtar yesterday (18/10/2009) when one jumper experience a late opening of his parachute and landed off the designated lending site just 6feet from impacting with a window!

Late opening of Chute!

I was at Komtar early yesterday morning to experience BASE jumping from the view of the photographer, with my kids and wife in tow. We manage to see 4 jumpers, one which landed almost 20 meters away from me.

Landing, just 6 feet away from a window!

In this sequence of 3 photographs you will see the parachute opening in the first photograph, and by the time I can frame and snap the 2nd photo, the jumper is landing at the 4th floor roof top, almost in to the side of the building near where the VIP's are suppose to officiate the event.

Any Jump I can walk away from is a good jump!

The last photo is of the Jumper walking away cooly! I did not stay too long for a few reasons, Having a family in tow is no fun, The jumpers stop jumping, could be due to the heavy wind and waiting fort the VIP to turn up. And I was the only guy with a super zoom camera. All the rest of the photographers were with DSLR with 3 feet or more lens!

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