Monday, September 7, 2009

RM800 per month for Indonesian Maids in Malaysia?

Indonesia wants RM800 per month for Indonesian Maids in Malaysia, well I am all for it, as long as Malaysia adopts a RM800 a month minimum wage (basic) not inclusive of tips, service charge or allowance. (this is the only way to get the employees pay EPF, otherwise they will put it as tips, service charge, commission and allowance with a low basic and only pay EPF on that low basic. ie basic 200, allowance 300, service charge/tips/commission 300)

Do Malaysian Workers get Paid RM800 per Month?
Some Business Owners and Managers (Responsible for archiving Budget) is in a uproar. In a Star Front Page Report on the 7th September, there is even a comment from the Kedah MATTA Chairman (Tourism and Hotel) that Matta Member cannot afford to pay RM800 per month for their (malaysian) general workers,

I should say most hotel workers gets around RM400 basic salary monthly up north here. In KL they may get RM600 to RM800 per month basic.

Quality of Maids
In the same paper, there is a letter from a person who has employed maids before. She commented on the Quality of Maids is now deteriorating, with even basic skills like moping the floor lacking. So if you want RM800 per month, quality must improve first? I think these maid have to go through training firsts. well the training quality sucks, there does not seem to have any failure rate at all.

We Malaysian train the maids, to do domestic work, to cook, to nurse, then they go to work in other countries for higher salary. Malaysia is the actual training ground for the maids. That is why they are paid lesser here.

Well frankly I find the whole thing very amusing, If I am not mistaken once the Malaysian and Indonesian Authorities set up a maximum agent fees, That were never followed by the Indonesian and Malaysian domestic maid agents, who still charge what they like. Now this hike in the Maids Salary.

any way here is my 2cents worth of comments on the above subject.

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