Sunday, September 6, 2009

New Kopi Tiams - Old Town White Coffee Outlet

In the past few years, a new type of Restaurant have creep in to Malaysian, Yes its the "Kopi Tiam", or the New Coffee Shop that offer Nostalgia food, Nostalgia Ambiance with Marble/Wood Table and Chairs, located usually in malls, at Up Market Pricing.

The Food they serve is what the "Kopi Tiams" of old use to serve, great coffee made using silk/cotton stockings, perfectly cook half boil egg and brown bread toast, Food that have been lost in the modern era Kopi Tiams.

They may also serve standard coffee shops staples such as koey teow thng, curry mee or in this case a can do Ipoh style Koey Teow.

Another one is a Up Market Nasi Lemak with the works.

and I had the Hot Lemon Tea, with honey serve in a old fashion nostalgia coffee cup. Frankly speaking enough of nostalgia, but these places are more hygienic, but call me old fashion, I will continue to take my cuppa, boil eggs at the Penang Style Kopi Tiams, unless I need wifi.

Photos taken at Old Town White Coffee Outlet in Prai, Located in a mall, needed to check my E Mail.

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