Sunday, March 15, 2009

Operation Moving House

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Operation Moving house kick off today officially. The past one week my wife (mainly) and I have been cleaning up the new rented house and packing all our barang barang into boxes.

We have spring clean, sweep and mop the new house, look around for some additional furniture's, got a electrician to check out the wires, bulbs, and also have got in the TV aerial man to fix up the TV aerial.

Yesterday I went back at 3pm and started to move certain items that its better I move my self (electrical stuffs mostly) and my closet made from colour box which cost me just less then RM100. In this challenging time, one try to save as much as we can (more on this later).

The Aerial man came at 4pm and took him till 7.30 to fix everything up. Problem was no reception at all even with a booster, so he finally got a longer pole for the aerial (10 feet ) before getting a signal. This cost me RM300, for a UHF aerial, pole, booster, wiring for 3 TV sets. 10 years ago it cost RM120 for 2 aerials, and booster. How prices have increase over the years.

I have also purchase a new plywood side table for RM135, 2 small colour box RM13.50 each 2 big colour box (RM20 each), and a new TV rack (RM99) to supplement my current furnishings, totaling RM301 I like to use the colour boxes, It is cheep but look ok, that if you don't mind the chip board constructions and the do it your self concept, most important thing is keep the furniture dry and buy a battery operated screwdriver.

So Total Cost is currently At RM601, excluding the Electrician whom I have not paid yet, and more things will be required, eg padlocks and so on.

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