Friday, March 13, 2009

Nokia 5800 Music Express

@ snapshots

Friend of mine purchase a Nokia 5800 Music Express, after seeing My New Nokia N82,. I got a Chance to play around with the Music Express, as he ask me to show how to use it. Both phone are S60 devices after all, N82 is Version 3 and the Music Express is Version 5 of the same soft ware, therefore the controls are the same or very similar, other then there is no key pad and the phone lock button.

All I can say is now I now in a way am regretting that I purchase the N82, as they are quite similarly priced. The Nokia N82 Music Express Touch screen is fantastic and is easy to use, the GPS locks in bare seconds, The only saving grace is the N82 Camera which is much better than the Music Express Camera . Mainly my Phone is also my daily camera for all conditions and the N82 camera is good in dark conditions especially. So I will live with My N82 for the moment till some one come up with a good touch screen camera phone.

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