Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Economic Furnishing during hard times

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Nowadays thanks to Plywood and Chipboard most families are able to economically furnish their house without busting their modest budgets. There are still ways to bring down the cost, if you are not so picky or so fashionable conscious especially in areas not in the public view like your bedroom.

Make your own cupboard.

I made my own cupboard by stacking up 4 Color Box, 2 V brackets and using an aluminum rod either 2 feet or 3 feet in length (do not exceed this length). Total Cost not more then RM100/-

Improving the Wheels provided for Rolling Furniture.

Wheels provided by furniture makers for their furnitures are usually not that good and does not roll properly mostly. Or the piece you want may not have the wheels. What I did is just run to the hardware shop and get better quality wheels and just screw them on like these below.

Quality Furnishing at affordable / economical pricing

Wait for Sales, you can pick up some furnishing at good price. Like the side table below, cost me RM 135/- .

Alarm Systems

there are alarm systems and there are Alarm Systems, there are those who will call your handphone when some one break in, there are those who will call the police, these cost many hundred if not thousands of ringgit. For those on a budget consider these simple alarms, cost around RM10/- for 4 units at your neighbourhood market or pasar malam.

Just stick this to the doors and windows you want to be alarm with the corrosponding sensor facing it, and switch it on, when the door is open, the Siren can wake the dead. Battries last for 6 months or more. Cheep and Fast way to alarm your house.

With the present hard time, a little bit of do it your self, and imagination will streatch out your dollar, rinngit, pounds, suro, yen or what ever currency you use.

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