Monday, February 2, 2009

Pakatan Rakyat Perak Government in state of uncertainty

The Perak (Pas) MB must be shaking his head, Just after a UMNO Adun jump to PKR, It seems that 2 chaps who are State EXCO (confirmation required), and ADUN from PKR who seems to have resign as ADUN (state reps) and “wants to leave to Join Umno” (after being missing for 4 days). Tit for tat, for the moment the Perak PR Government seems to be hanging on by one seat because of that UMNO Adun.

There is allot of rumours going on and being reported in Mainstream Papers to Alternative Media and the blogs, from a DAP Assistant Speaker jumping ship to the UMNO chap being lure back in to the fold for various reasons.

It’s a Circus in Perak once more till all of this get sorted out. Will there be By elections for the 2 seats or the entire state going for elections(snap pools), or no elections (resignation letter not accepted)? It will make no difference to me as nether am I residing or working in Perak, but it’s very entertaining and selling lots of Papers.

As a foot note: these 2 PKR chaps, as far as I have read in the newspapers, They were suppose to be on Corruption Charges.

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