Thursday, January 8, 2009

Year 5 Education, 3rd day at School

“Papa, teacher say buy 2 long science exercise writing book”, so say eldest daughter, when arriving back from day 3, must have by tomorrow. I said “ Papa have given the money to buy all the exercise book already remember”, Eldest daughter replied, “teacher say this book must buy, school book shop do not have, buy from outside shop, must be ready by tomorrow.”

Now I am thinking, what up with teachers now a days, don’t they plan in advance, what is required for their classes?, and inform the headmaster to ensure the school book store to stock the books required, don’t they realise that parents have other things to do, things like putting food on the table? Now a day’s both the husband and the wife usually have to work to get enough for a family. And within 24 hours we must get the book or else, the least is our child is marked, or worst she is cane for not following orders. I so happen to be off on Wednesday, so it’s was not a problem for me except it is a 10km drive to the nearest book store and back

Improve the quality of the teachers, train them, give them, upgrade them, make learning fun for the students, it’s not books all the way (there are ways to teach without books you know), comprehension is important, it’s not buy books and items then do not use them, leaving the students to read them or use them on their own, it’s not all homework, (Last year, in one day my daughter had 12 pages of homework to do, to pass up the next day), please do some coordination on the amount of homework in a day, children need to play also.

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