Saturday, January 3, 2009

Suggestion How to Prolong Batt Life for the Nokia N82, Phone user guide

1. Blue Tooth Turn off when not in use , at Blue Tooth short cut

2. Wlan, Turn off, at connections Set to never show availability, and not to scan.

3. Packet Data connections set as “When Needed” at connections

4. Devise Set to GSM network only if not using UMTS = See Page 107 user guide

5. Decrease Back Light Display = See Page 102 user guide

6. Close application where possible – Press & Hold “menu’ scroll to application, Press “C”

7. For Music Player, select from list, then use Option > Exit

I say this, keep back light off and don’t use too much GPS, that sure to drain the battery or keep it top up when you are in the car.

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