Saturday, January 3, 2009

Nokia N82 with some add on enhancements

I purchase some add on for the Nokia N82, in order to use it properly. Total Cost, RM40/- , One is a Phone Holder, A car charger, and A Silicon skin.

Silicon Skin

With the Silicon Skin on, the key pad, is a major problem area, I cannot see the number and the alphabets, and lost the feeling of the keys, I have to cut out the slot for the memory card, and I think in the future I have to cut the area of the key pad as well. But overall, It does not slide around anymore, and it is “protected” from bumps and minor drops to a certain extent.

Car Charger

To keep topping up the Battery, when in the car, especially I plan to use the GPS heavily. Need to get a duplicate adapter for my ionizer as well, not enough car power outlets. With this car charger, the Map application back light do not turn off, and I can keep viewing all the time, However when using the GPS Data, the back light did turn off.

Phone Holder

At least here I can place my Phone securely and where I can see it. The Phone Holder come with a Air Con Vent clip and a Window Sucker, I am using the window sucker as it allows me to place the phone just behind the Steering Wheel, where I can see the phone screen on a landscape mode, where it is near enough for my eyes to read clearly. I am both near sighted and long sighted.

For a Picture of the Phone Holder in separate pieces please see the previous post,

Picture of the phone holder in the car

Picture of the car phone charger

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