Friday, January 30, 2009

Monkeys at the Penang Botanical Gardens.

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GPS Coordinates: N05. 26.276 E100.17.436

Botanical Garden Post here , Botanical Garden Flora here

Cute New Baby Monkey in town.

You will find that The Rhesus Macaque (Macaca mulatta), often called the Rhesus Monkey, are common in the Gardens.

They are bold and will come up to you to beg, snatch food and belonging from your hands and bags. That is why the Garden Authorities advice you not to feed them.

My advice is don’t even have food on you and keep a sharp eye out on your belongings. You don’t want to go chasing after a monkey to get back your camera do you?

This macaque is brown or grey in colour and have pink faces which are typically bereft of fur

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In addition to this Rhesus Macaque there is this “New” Monkey which my internet research says is call Spectacled Langur, Dusky Leaf Monkey, or Spectacled Leaf Monkey (Trachypithecus obscurus). (At least it’s new to me)

The langur has a dark gray to black/brown coat.

They have a slender, lithe physique and a naked face. The eyes are ringed with white circles that give an eyeglass appearance.

These animals are leaf eaters (also called leaf monkey). Because of the low nutritional content of their diet, they are not as active as other monkeys (they must take time to digest their food!). They feed primarily in the morning and late afternoon.

Spectacled langurs are diurnal, mostly arboreal, and very territorial. They have a low level of aggression.

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