Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Why did I choose the Nokia N82?

When I decided to upgrade, I listed out what was important to me.

· Wifi,

Wifi availability, is now common, previously only found in high class hotel, now it is available for free at the neighbourhood kedai mamak, coffee shops, or restaurants, there is even a project that Wifi will be available in the entire state of Penang in 2 years time, In Komtar Wifi is already available. Not to be able to take advantage of this would be silly right?

· Able, Open Words / Excel / Pdf Files

Able to open Words, Excel, Pdf files will be an advantage, one can read e-books in this format or review one notes before the important meeting, on one own handphone.

· A better performing Camera

The K750i camera is adequate, however it’s specification (no zoom at high res, 2mp size, poor low light performance) could be upgraded, actually there is surprisingly a high number of new model phones loose out in this specifications.

There are quite a number of Phones that will meet the above specification, so why the N82, what give it the advantage over the other phones, especially now it is an older model.

· Old Style Form Factor

N82 is a Candy Bar Phone, it’s looks is not that “appealing”, that the main reason why I choose it, Flip Phones, Slide Phones, may be damage at the flip or the slide mechanism , Lesser moving parts, lesser the risk, the better for me, as I am butter fingers. Further I believe it has a lesser chance for it to go missing .......

· “Developing” Operating System

Nokis N82 use Symbian 60 operating system, which is still active and still being developed and improve further, as compared with SE P1 or the SE G900 operating system which is proprietary and is not being develop further I believe , the SE X1 use the windows mobile system

· Camera

Nokia N82, 5mp, Xenon Flash Camera, score very high especially for “Night” or low light photo, my favourite mode of shooting in various reviews I have read in my research.

· Proven Phone

Its older, there for less appealing to those lite fingers, further the phone have been in use for more the a year, and the firmware have been improved with most of the bugs if not all iron out. Batteries Live span it seem have improve by around 50% according to blogs.

· Price Factor

The price for this phone has drop over the year in has been in service, therefore it is more affordable now as compared with over a year ago or Current Model Phones.

I have considered and research the following Phones before making up my mind, Sony Ericsson P1, G900, C705, C905, Nokia N81, N95, N96, N79. I have place a order for the Phone, Oh the Unit is available, Just that the Manual is in Chinese and there is no stock of English Manual. I told the handphone guy, I can wait

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